Freshly Brewed: The Need for Speed

My favourite notebook as of right now.

The thing about being born and raised in what is considered one of Asia’s most metropolitan cities (city-state, if you want to be more accurate) means that I am used to constant movement; a certain level of action be it from the surrounding environment, people or myself. I thrive on the unwavering dynamic buzz that courses through cosmopolitan cities.

However, being in constant motion can be tiring. But, I’ve also found that slowing down is hard too. When you’re used to being in fast forward mode, taking a pause is almost excruciating. This is especially true of my thoughts; I feel like my mind is in constant overdrive, over-analyzing everything and everyone.

So maybe it’s time I take a break. Sometimes it’s okay to just sit and meditate. Or stare mindlessly into space. Maybe even talk to the walls;they contain the thoughts and feelings that we can’t keep. Or maybe I should just let my thoughts flow freely from pen to paper. This is where my new notebook comes in, I guess. Let’s see how much of it I manage to fill up, shall we?

Live, Love, Laugh,

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