Solo: Chasing the Bright Lights and Indulging in Dark Nights.

The City of Lights

It began as a small flame. The flame of desire. The burning passion for more. And by the time she reached early adulthood, that resilient flickering flame could no longer be contained inside her. She needed to set it free. She yearned for more; she longed to make the flames burst forth into fireworks, sparkle in the sky and shine among the stars, until it descends upon the city in a climactic waterfall finish.

The trouble was, she was not in the right city. In fact, she was not even really in a city. Hailing from a small town, she did not really care for the next big thing. What she did care about was the next bright thing. Brighter meant better. More people. More opportunities. More money. More adventures. More to see. More to live for, laugh about, love with. Where would that be?

Ah, Paris. The famous city of love, also aptly named the “City of Lights.” Where romance meets a glow that stretches across the city, from the historical buildings to the cobbled streets to the rosy, blushing cheeks of those who feel the city’s pulsating passion. Paris: the City of Lights.

She knows her answer; where she wants to be, who she wants to be. The question is, how will she get there? This is her greatest enigma.

And so her journey begins.

Live, Love, Laugh,


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